CitSciMN: A Symposium for Citizen Science Professionals in Minnesota

November 22, 2019
enVision Hotel, South St. Paul, MN

What is CitSciMN?: Calling all professionals whose work involves citizen science!

CitSciMN: A Symposium for Citizen Science Professionals in Minnesota is a one-day gathering to learn from experienced citizen science programs, exchange ideas, get inspired, and connect to a community of citizen science professionals.

Who should attend?

People who coordinate, lead, and/or administer citizen science projects in Minnesota and scientists who want to involve the public in their research.

What can I look forward to at the symposium?

CitSciMN provides an opportunity for professional development, networking, and growth in the field of citizen science. Participants can look forward to a variety of activites from keynote speakers to roundtable discussions, opportunities to exhibit and "show off" your project, and panels. Watch for more information about our next CitSciMN event for additional details. Use the navigation panel on the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) for more information.

What do past participants have to say about CitSciMN?

"I think the most "useful" thing I learned was that the citizen science movement has such a diversity of people working right here in Minnesota. I think being able to see people and hear from them directly was far more impactful on my work than seeing a list of names on a website. That any organization sent one or more people to this event shows a level of commitment on an management level. And then to see the enthusiasm for this work by the presenters; this was inspirational. The whole event was lively and upbeat, which is different than a lot of large symposia I've attended."

"I had no idea of the extent of citizen science in Minnesota. This event helped me to see the large variety of projects going on in this state."

"It was really helpful to find out how other projects are using technology and how we could possibly apply to that our own work."

"I was able to connect with other citizen science professionals and throw around ideas for our specific project ideas."

What is citizen science?

In case it helps, we’re defining citizen science as

“the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge.” (Source: National Geographic)


“projects in which volunteers partner with scientists to answer real-world questions." (Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

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CitSciMN is hosted by University of Minnesota Extension.