2017 Symposium Resources

  • Participants are welcomed to CitSciMN 2017.

CitSciMN 2017 was held on December 1, 2017 at the Bunker Hills Activities Center in Andover, MN and was hosted by University of Minnesota Extension, with additional sponsorship from the U of M Office of the Vice President for Research. Planning and presentation support provided, in part, by Minnesota Sea Grant

Conference Program

PDF icon 2017_citsci_symposium_program_final.pdf

Plenary Presentations

PDF icon henderson_keynote_citsci_dating_to_1881_.pdf

PDF icon blair_fortson_cit_sci_planning_for_a_center.pdf

PDF icon forsberg_working_with_volunteers.pdf

PDF icon kohn_from_trees_to_technology.pdf

PDF icon gupta_flipped_classroom.pdf

PDF icon montgomery_buyarski_managing_data_cs_12.1.2017.pdf


Ignite Talks

PDF icon 1._strauss_city_nature_challenge.pdf

PDF icon 2._carter_citizen_scigirls.pdf

PDF icon 3._anderson_ignite.pdf

PDF icon 4._leonard_city_kids_and_cit_sci.pdf

PDF icon 6._sovell_mpca.pdf

PDF icon 7._rager_volunteers.pdf

PDF icon 8._heyer_como_restoration.pdf

PDF icon 9._bunney_conservation_action.pdf

PDF icon 10._kasten_monarch_conservation.pdf

PDF icon 11._girard_outdoor_investigator.pdf

PDF icon 12._weber_starry_trek.pdf


Other presentations and resources

From the discussion on getting youth involved in citizen science:

PDF icon citscimn_yd_presentation_2017.pptx_1.pdf

PDF icon stem_resource_list.pdf


From the discussion on starting citizen science projects

PDF icon blair_fortson_starting_a_cit_sci_project.pdf


From the discussion on working with volunteers

PDF icon rager_strauss_vol_lifecycle_for_cit_sci_nov_17.pdf


Monarch resources:

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project  

Driven to Discover youth curriculum

Monarch Joint Venture/monarch info


Answers to audience questions

Pigeonhole answers