Eva Lewandowski

The Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network: Building and Coordinating a Statewide Collaboration

In 2004, over 130 people representing groups throughout Wisconsin gathered together to form the Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network, which was designed to increase the effectiveness of volunteer monitoring of our natural resources. Today, the Network is made up of more than 180 partner groups, and more than 12,000 volunteers participate in Wisconsin’s monitoring efforts each year. By providing communications, resources, and recognition, the Network supports the efforts of groups, projects, and volunteers involved in citizen-based monitoring. Learn about the Network’s formation and history, the resources and programming we offer, the hurdles we face, and our successes.


Eva Lewandowski is the Citizen-based Monitoring Coordinator at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In addition to her work for the DNR, she is active in citizen science at the national and international levels; she has published research on citizen science outcomes, is a member of the national Citizen Science Day Task Force, and is President of the Participatory and Citizen Science Working Group for the Society for Conservation Biology. She earned a PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota.

Eva Lewandowski, WI Department of Natural Resources